Benefits of using Windows 8.1

Any laptop or computer is as good as its operating system. I have been using Windows 7 for a long time and was very happy with it. However, recently I saw one of my friends using the latest Windows products Windows 8.1 and I have been inspired enough to change my OS. At work I have used Windows 8 and am completely smitten by the amazing features and technological brilliance of the operating system. Still I have to admit that certain improvements could be made on the same. In fact, I have not changed my home operating system from Windows 7 to windows 8 because I knew that Microsoft will come up with something even better. I was not wrong because Windows 8.1 has eliminated all these minor problems.

If you are still wondering about the benefits of using Windows 8.1 then let me give you a little brief about it.

Windows 8.1 has new applications and the old ones improved

If you have been using Windows 8 then you will know that there are many new applications. But surely some of them could have done better with technical advancements like the Mail and Photos. Windows 8.1 has worked on its own Mail and Photo application making it far better. Take a look at the web interface and enjoy the latest development on a big screen. With the latest developments in this operating system you could run three to four applications at one point of time that too with larger displays. The third party applications that you find in Windows products have also been bettered.

Better storage with the help of Cloud based storage system

My work is such that I need to store a lot of data on my PC. I am also very fond of my music and movies which I again store in my computer. That’s why I am absolutely thrilled with the cloud based storage system of this OS. It is much better integrated with back up and better syncing than that of Windows 8.

A lot of variety and choices for customization

It might not seem very important to a lot of people but I find it interesting and appealing to have many choices for customizing my system’s background. This operating system has better options, many colors, various settings, sizes and images for me to choose from. And I appreciate them all.

Places Skype in the front and center

I am sure like me there are many others who use Skype on a regular basis. If you are one of them then you will absolutely love the prominent position that it has got on Windows 8.1. Now there is much better quality of video and audio calling.

Better search options

Windows 8 already had a new and improved search option. Windows 8.1 tops that. Along with search results from your computer and sky drive you will get a result from Bing as well. The more information the merrier!

All these features and many more makes Windows 8.1 one of the best Windows products, if not the best of them all.

Few Best Windows Applications For Students

What is Windows OS?

It is a Graphical User Interface powerful program which manages and controls the hardware and the software programs in our computer. It is available in both 32 and 64 bit editions which offers multi tasking functionalities, support for other peripheral devices, virtual memory management etc. Windows is very useful software which allows us to execute a number of programs at the same time.

Some of the popular versions include Windows 7, Vista, ME, XP, Windows 98 etc.

History of Windows OS

Windows has been a main support in the world of computers to such an extent that we can hardly imagine to run our systems without it. It is basically the most well-accepted operating system which is highly successful. It had to travel a long path before it could attain this fame and power. Some of the past versions of windows products which are behind the success of windows 8 today are as follows;

 Windows 1.0 – This is the first version of Windows released in 1985 which used gadgets like calculator and calendar. But this version could not attain much popularity. It introduced the initial edition of MS Paint and an ancient word processor.

 Windows2.0 – This was released in the year 1987. This was not that good compared to the first version. This first introduced Word and Excel. Its feel and look is similar to that of the first version.

 Windows 3.0 – The specialty of this version was improved graphics, multitasking ability and virtual memory. All these features made this version popular.

 Windows 3.1 – Where the problems of the previous versions were fixed.

 Windows 95 – It first brought about a change from 16 to 32 bit. This version was designed with a better compatibility and was also comparatively more user friendly. It was easier to use in old computers.

How the windows products are useful for the students

The products of the windows are quite useful for the students. As student we should always equip our PC with the best programs of Windows so that it not only helps us with our assignments but keeps our systems safe too. Here is a list of few softwares of Windows which are considered useful especially for the students.

• Evernote – Wherever we are, it can be easily accessed even on the go. Even without internet access we can save notes given in the class.

• Dexpot – Since the screen space is limited therefore Dexpot has been introduced which creates separate workspace for our system and enables us to work easily.

• Audacity – This is a voice capturing software. As students we are required to deal with multimedia projects where audio recording is essential. This is one of the best recording programs. It also supports a huge number of audio formats.

• VLC – This is an universal video player which is not only useful for the students but also for other users in listening to music and watching movies.

So now I don’t need to hunt about for a program which is useful for students like us, instead will rely on the windows products with my eyes closed.

Advanced features of Windows 8

Windows 8 has revolutionized the world of get Office 2010 from It is giving huge competition to Apple’s Operating system and in midst of the war of the titans the users are getting heavily benefitted. When I went to buy my new laptop I was extremely confused on what to choose. Surely the operating system was a major deciding factor. I was completely awed by the latest features of Windows 8 and must admit that this is undoubtedly one of the best Windows products ever.

I have been using the new laptop with this OS for some time now and ‘am thrilled to inform you that it absolutely lives up to the promises that it had made. If you are still undecided on which operating system to choose then here is a look at two of the most striking features of Widows 8. The ones that I am about to share with you are my personal favorites apart from these there are many more technological advancements awaiting you.

Revolutionary desktop

According to me what makes this operating system the finest Windows products is its desktop. Certainly there are many for technological advancements but for me the desktop tops it all. The moment I logged on to the system and reached my desktop it felt like the screen of the latest smart phone. It has got the same grid like structure that you get on a touch screen. For a second you might even try to swap the screen and tab on your favorite application!

Just like you could do in a touch phone here also you will be able to customize the grid, add and delete applications according to your need. Along with this I get real time information on the desktop as well. The temperature of my city and updates on the emails that I receive is very helpful. This desktop has made my life simple and organized.

Windows To Go

If you already know about Windows To Go then you will probably agree with me on it being the most sellable feature of Windows 8. Windows To Go will change the face of operating systems forever. It is a feature that allows me to copy the entire operating system including everything from files, applications, settings, wallpaper etc. in a USB thumb drive. I could use this data on any other laptop or PC that has Windows 8 and high quality, digital software. Once I plug in the USB I get my entire system with all my data on a new PC. This is just great! Now I need not worry about my system crashing or losing important data. This feature will also help in improving work efficiency.

Apart from these two there are other important features that are equally alluring. This operating system has a quick start, is of course compatible with SoftwareKingCA and has a new and improved search function. It will take a lot of innovation and technology for any other Windows products to match up with windows 8.